Dr. Gary Bofshever Biography
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Dr Boffs Biography

Dr. Gary Bofshever Bio

I moved to Coral Springs in 1976 and graduated from Coral Springs High School in 1981. I attended the University of Florida on a baseball scholarship and earned my bachelor’s degree in microbiology in 1986. I attended Life College of Chiropractic and played Rugby and earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1990. After obtaining my Florida State License in July of 1990, I began to practice in my hometown of Coral Springs. I set out to become the team Chiropractor for the 3 local high schools and spent most nights at Coral Springs, Taravella and Stoneman Douglas high Schools helping with the sports teams, and related injuries. Dr Bofshever has operated Bofshever Chiropractic Center since 1991 and is very proud to announce the REOPENING and relocation of the new BOFSHEVER CHIROPRACTIC CENTER.


After more than 25 years of having a very voluminous practice, he has decided to start a new concept of delivering chiropractic care to the local communities. He is proud to announce the formation of a membership/concierge style of practice. By paying a small yearly fee for membership, Dr Bofshever’s patients can receive unlimited access and care without ever having to worry about payments or insurance billing again.


After the first initial visit, there will be no billing of insurance and no collection of payments each visit. The new partied will simply sign up for a yearly membership plan and one-time payment and can receive all the care they need without ever again having the burden of payment. This new concept allows me to practice without a lot of staff, and overhead and I can then keep the patient’s fees low.

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Dr. Bofshever still works out religiously, plays rugby, runs and lives a clean, and nutritionally sound and active lifestyle. He is married to Joyann since 1992 and has 3 grown children; Alexandra, Jake and Zack and one granddaughter, Jade. He loves travelling and spending quality family time.


Dr. Bofshever has performed over 500,000 adjustments with a major emphasis on spinal biomechanics, sports injuries with the main emphasis on restoring the bodies normal function.


I envision a happy family practice in a very positive environment.

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